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Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake

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Birthday Cake

Looking for the perfect birthday cake in London? Look no further! Our delectable and mouth-watering birthday cakes are sure to make your special day even sweeter.

Our birthday cakes are made with only the finest ingredients and are baked to perfection, ensuring that every slice is moist, fluffy, and bursting with flavour. From classic vanilla to chocolate, we have a birthday cake for every taste preference.

But that's not all - our cakes are also beautifully decorated with intricate designs and stunning colour schemes. Whether you're looking for a simple yet elegant cake or a showstopper that will leave your guests in awe, we've got you covered.

Ordering from us is easy and hassle-free, with a range of delivery options available throughout East London and Romford. Plus, with our competitive pricing and excellent customer service, you can rest assured that you're getting the best value for your money.

Delivery information: This cake is only available for delivery in Romford, Ilford, Dagenham, Goodmayes, Seven Kings, Barking, East Ham, Walthamstow, Leyton, Woodford, South Woodford, Chigwell, Hainault, Stratford, Manor Park, West Ham, Plaistow and Forest Gate.
Collection Information: This cake is also available to collect from us postcode RM8 1TF.
Need help ordering Call 020 8597 5629 or Whatsapp us.

Please be advised: Our entire product range may potentially contain trace elements of cereals with gluten, milk, eggs, nuts, soy, peanuts, and sulphites. Please make us aware of any allergy's before ordering.

Dietary Information: All cakes are suitable for vegetarians and Halal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Make Birthdays Extra Special with Our Birthday Cakes

Welcome to Cake Trays, the home of delectable treats that make every celebration memorable. Our Birthday Cakes are designed with care and creativity, ensuring a joyous surprise for every birthday boy or girl.

We offer a wide variety of Birthday Cakes, each one crafted with love and attention to detail. Whether you're looking for a classic sponge cake, an elegant fondant creation, or a trendy drip cake, we've got you covered. Every birthday deserves a special cake, and that's exactly what you'll find at Cake Trays.

Looking for more ways to celebrate? Check out our range of cakes.

Nothing says celebration quite like a cake birthday. It's more than just a dessert; it's a symbol of joy, wishes, and another year filled with possibilities. Each cake birthday is a unique masterpiece, tailored to the individual's tastes and passions. From the light and fluffy vanilla sponge cake for the classic lovers, to the decadent dark chocolate ganache cake for the gourmands, and even the vibrant, colourful unicorn cake for the little dreamers – there's a perfect cake for every birthday. And the moment the candles are blown out and wishes are whispered, it's not just about marking another year older, but celebrating life, love, and happiness. Discover the perfect cake tray for your cake birthday at – because every cake deserves a grand stage.

Only the Best Ingredients for Your Special Day

At Cake Trays, we believe that a great cake starts with great ingredients. That's why we use only the finest quality ingredients in our Birthday Cakes, ensuring a taste that's as outstanding as the design.

When you order a Birthday Cake from Cake Trays, you're not just getting a cake - you're getting a centrepiece that will make the birthday celebration even more special. From the sponge to the icing, every element of our cakes is made with care to ensure a delightful experience.

Make the next birthday unforgettable. Order one of our Birthday Cakes today.

Effortless Online Ordering with Cake Trays

Ordering your Birthday Cake from Cake Trays is as easy as blowing out candles. Our streamlined ordering process ensures a hassle-free experience.

Simply choose your favourite Birthday Cake, select your delivery date, and we'll take care of the rest. With Cake Trays, getting a beautiful Birthday Cake delivered to your door is just a few clicks away.

Make birthdays brighter with our cakes. Order your Birthday Cake online now.

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  • Cake Birthday

    A cake birthday is a cherished tradition that elevates any birthday celebration. This term encapsulates the idea that the cake is not just a dessert, but a centerpiece, carrying the essence of the event. It refers to the unique experience of choosing the cake design, flavour, and frosting, all tailored to the birthday individual's personality and taste. It's a term of celebration and anticipation, the excitement of revealing the cake, and the joy of sharing it with loved ones on that special day.

  • Birthday Cake

    A birthday cake is the quintessential element of any birthday party. Historically, it's a sweet baked treat typically adorned with the celebrant's age in candles. Designs, flavours, and sizes may vary, ranging from traditional vanilla and chocolate cakes to more modern or customized creations. More than its delicious taste, a birthday cake is a symbol of celebration and unity - a shared moment of happiness, a slice for each guest, and a heartfelt wish before the candles are blown out.

  • Celebration Cake

    A celebration cake is a versatile term that covers a variety of occasions beyond just birthdays. These cakes can commemorate anniversaries, graduations, promotions, retirements, holidays, or simply celebrate a personal achievement. Like a birthday cake, the celebration cake is often customized to reflect the event's theme or the individual's preferences. But regardless of the occasion, the core idea remains the same – a celebration cake is a way to add sweetness to any joyous event, a piece of art to appreciate, and a delicious treat to enjoy.